Eyebrow Tattooing Services

Supporting Cancer Patients

Fighting Cancer with Pretty ink

Five year ago, on a usual business day at Reena's salon, Azree, in Thiruvanathapuram, a woman customer in her 40s walked in to get an eyebrow tattoo done. When the 30-minute job was over, the teary-eyed woman was at a loss for words to thank Reena for the biggest gift she presented her with.

"Only after finishin the task had she explained to me how she onces survived cancer. She could regain her lost tresses, but eyebrows were not back. A few strands of haird were what was left above her eyelids. That was the moment. I felt chargin money for such services was unfair and decided to go ahead." Reena reminisces.

The usual eyebrow tattooing job comes at a cost of around Rs 3,500. By word of mouth, Reena got a handful more such customers to her clientele later on. Due to some reason or the other, she was not able to go for mass campaigning tools. May be the sought-after bridal make-up artist can't squeez in time to indulge in such activities or simply she is a person bit shy of media glare and publicity stunts.

Years later, in December 2015, a post appeared on her salon's Facebook page a few months since the top-floor of her salon got rechristened to Reenz Unisex Salon and Spa...